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Osurv disrupts the customer feedback industry with innovative mobile technology.

We invented mobile feedback to engage customers when it matters most: in-person, at the moment of experience.

Jad Meouchy


Programming since childhood, Jad has vast experience in reverse engineering, data analytics, and all things mobile.

Jad holds a B.S. Psychology & B.S. Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech. When not coding, you'll find him racing cars, where he met his first investor at 200mph.

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Aaron Abram


Aaron has been building businesses his entire life.  His innovative take on marketing has produced huge results for many top brands including Caesars Entertainment, Starbucks, & Casio.

Originally from Los Angeles, Aaron holds a B.S. degree in Finance from Touro College in Manhattan, NY. In his spare time, he interviews famous business leaders to teach others how to be successful.

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Howard Marks


Howard is the cofounder of Activision, a $14B video game empire.

Beyond advice and investment, he contributed an in-depth understanding of gamification and interactive storytelling that helped polish the signature Osurv user experience.

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