For Millennials, By Millennials

The Gen-Y "Generation of Spenders" is valuable, but hard to reach. We know how to engage them because we are them.


Industry-Leading Performance

Our engagement metrics are literally off the charts. As a result, we consistently get double to triple the quality and quantity of data.

Feedback is Fun

A typical survey is a clinical 20-minute nightmare that barely opens on a mobile device. Our feedback experience feels like a fun video game and customers LOVE it.

React Immediately

We collect and analyze data so fast that you can react to the customer while they're still on the screen. Recover those at risk, turn the rest into evangelists.

Exotic Analytics

Behavioral profiling, correlation, segmentation... we do it all in-house so that you can understand and react in real-time. Get the data when you need it: NOW.

Benchmarking and Reputation

Measure your performance against others on TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Know where you stand against peers and competitors.

  • Beautiful Design

    Vibrant colors.

    Feel the quality of Osurv underneath your fingertips.

  • Fabulous Branding

    Your way.

    Our screens are designed to display your logo prominently.

  • Full Service 7x365

    Whatever you need.

    From concept to research to analysis, we've got you covered.

  • Powerful Analytics

    Solid metrics.

    Track key measures like loyalty and engagement.

  • Mobile. Social. Live

    Feedback everywhere.

    Engage people anytime, anywhere, even on their own turf.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Understand everything.

    Uncover customer insights hidden in plain text.

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